Police Promotion In-Basket Assessments are DIFFICULT to MASTER - Don't Go it Alone!

Experts are Available to Help You Prepare For Your Oral or Written In-Basket Assessment! PREPARE for Your Promotion to Police Sergeant - Lieutenant - Captain - Deputy Chief or even Chief of Police!

YouTube Video Expert Help with Your Police Promotion

Law Enforcement promotions are too important, and come around too infrequently, to be left to chance. To come out number 1 on your department's promotion list, you should seek out the help and advice of experts in the field.

If you are facing an In-Basket Assessment, written or oral, or any form of assessment center exercise, (leaderless group, role playing, evaluation counseling, disciplinary hearing, etc) your first step is to utilize the knowledge and expertise of those who have spent their entire careers in police work and been promoted repeatedly, have written and designed promotional exams, oral boards, in-baskets and assessment center exercises, and who have helped THOUSANDS of law enforcement officers just like YOU achieve their promotions!

There is no doubt, if you are serious about passing your police promotional in-basket assessment and achieving your promotion, and along with it gaining the extra prestige, pay and pension benefits, you should look to the experts to help you prepare. If you want to know how to get promoted in law enforcement, you need only utilize the YouTube videos to guide you to the expert resources and links found on this web page! Each of these experts is versed in the areas of police promotion written exams, oral in-baskets and oral boards and assessments, and written assessment center exercises.

You have found the three individuals who have been helping police promotional candidates achieve high scores and promotions for many, many years; Lt. Paul Patti (ret), Asst. Chief Bill Reilly (ret) and Dr. Linsey Willis. They have helped thousands of promotional candidates achieve high scores in the areas of police promotion written exams, in-baset assessments, police oral boards and assessments, and police written in-baskets and all other assessment center exercises.

What Just a Few of Their Clients Have Said About Their Services ...

"Our department just completed our Sergeant's testing for this year. Thanks to your program I finished #1 after the written examination and #2 overall out of 19 applicants. Just wanted to say "Thank You!" very much. Your program is an invaluable resource. I have already recommended your program to my friends in the department who will be testing in the future. Keep up the good work."

- Newly promoted in CA - Quoted with permission

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I wanted to thank you again for the training session that we did a few weeks ago for my in-basket exam.  Your teaching was extremely helpful and I ended up coming in 2nd place out of 21 people.  I was promoted last week and I am really enjoying it. I’m sure I will be using you again in a couple of years when my next process comes up. Thanks.

- Candidate for Sgt rank (NC)

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Just wanted you to know that we completed our Sergeant’s Promotional Board. I finished first in the department and have been promoted to Sergeant! Your class was invaluable. Thanks!”

Oral Boards Made Easy ONLINE Participant

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